Live-Blogging of Jeff Sessions Committing Fellatio at the Sotomayor Hearing:
Hey, look, it's racist wad of fuck Jeff Sessions of Alabama, getting ready to question Judge Sonia Sotomayor at her hearing for Supreme Court Confirmation. Let's watch (all quotes pretty much guaranteed to be right in spirit, wrong in wording):

- Jeff Sessions comes out of the gate with the cocksucking. This guy is bobbing on knob so voraciously it's like he thinks a dick is the same as his mama's titty. He goes for the full cock, too, not just the tip, deep throating to where your own gag reflex kicks in sympathetically. You can barely hear him ask about Sotomayor's statements on judges putting aside their prejudices while recognizing them.

- Sotomayor says, more or less, "Lick me, fucker. Look at what I did, not what I said." When Sessions asks about Sotomayor's statement that appellate court is where "policy is made," she kick Sessions' bony ass all over the place. She says what's true - that appellate courts do create the precedents that set policy based on the laws passed by Congress. Isn't this shit obvious? Isn't most of what's being asked of Sotomayor just obvious?

- Oh, yeah, Sessions is gonna act like he's got something, because the knuckledraggers back home need to see him beat up a Hispanic woman. You ever spent time with white Alabaman guys - natives, not the people who move to Huntsville to work? There's a reason why stereotypes of backwards ass country fucks exist. Sit on the couch on their front lawn and you'll learn. (Good liberal caveat: yes, there are native white Alabamans who are not racist, just like there's many a rat that doesn't carry disease.)

- Sessions tries to read Sotomayor's statements with evil emphasis regarding the prejudices of judges. Sotomayor kicks him in the nuts and says to stop teabagging himself and don't be an idiot, adding, "Of course judges have human opinions and prejudices that need to be recognized and addressed."

- Sotomayor's problem here is that she has said that people are not computers. She recognizes that, no matter what the background of a judge, that judge will be affected by it. It's nuance, and, remember, nuance is to conservatives as salt is to slugs.

- Sessions doesn't actually give a fuck what she says or how she answers. He is trying to get her to crack, like if she is pushed, she'll bring out maracas and yip and trill her voice, revealing the whitey-hating freakin' Rican within.

- Great point by Sotomayor, that appellate courts are panels because of a recognition that judges are people with prejudices and that the way to mitigate those prejudices is to have more than one person deciding cases.

- Look, for Sessions, this is an attack on relativism, is it not? It's a chance to trot out the bullshit conservative legal argument that there are objective ways to approach this shit. Where liberals would say that we just do the best we can with all the shit we carry and learn and experience, a conservative would attempt to lie about that. Or maybe that's too easy a way to put it.

Did anyone ask if John Roberts might have his privileged white background affect him, that he must overcome it in some way? Why is it always if some outsider, some "other" is nominated that the way they interpret the law based on identity politics is questioned? Yes, when a WASP-y motherfucker comes up for questioning, they're always asked if they give a shit about about non-whites, often based on their decisions in cases. But that's different than saying, outright, that you're worried that, because someone recognizes that she is an "other," that she won't judge cases "fairly" or "correctly," which means, you know, in favor of white people.

- So Sessions brings up the Ricci case in this context, asking, "Were there facts you chose not to see in this case?" Sotomayor says, "The Supreme Court changed shit just recently. If that shit had been the shit that was there before, I'd've used that shit."

- Sessions says, "Judge Cabranes, who has Puerto Rican background"? What the fuck? Is he saying, "Oh, look, one of your brothers disagrees with you"?

- Sessions: "Why didn't you use the cases I want you to use to decide Ricci?" Sotomayor: "Um, the Supreme Court decided it using the same issues I used."

- When Sessions asks if Sotomayor "understood" Ricci and the other firefighters and their concerns, it's really just "C'mon, Judge Spic, you don't give a shit about white people."

Thus, Jeff Sessions cupped the balls of the racist right as it came in his mouth and he sat back to wait for his chance to get that dick hard again.