Friday Fun (Featuring More Ass Than Usual):
Truth be told, it is a nice ass. Jailbait ass, yes, but a nice ass. And if the photo actually showed President Barack Obama checking out junior delegate ass at the G-8 summit, it might be worth a word or two. But it doesn't. It shows a frozen moment when Obama was turning his head. (Nicolas Sarkozy is another matter - that's a man scoping out la booty.)

The response of some on the right is an ejaculatory spray of spooge as if Matt Drudge just got a picture of Barack Obama getting a blumpkin from a tranny whore in the men's room of the Buenos Aires airport (or, for Drudge, "Tuesdays"). Over at Ann Althouse's joint, there's a post that's gotta be a parody, for if it is not, then an "Althouse" must be "a place where people never get laid," for she details a comparison of the body language of Obama and Sarkozy that says, "The foot closest to the woman, like Sarkozy's, is planted and aimed forward, but the other steps off in the direction of the woman, bending the knee upward into a bit of a crotch-squeeze and forming the base of a dramatic tilt of the entire body into a flexible S-shape that leans toward the woman."

At least one of Althouse's commenters just decided to go full retard with racism. Max says, "Sarkozy is thinking, 'I go home to Carla and you go home to The Beast of ACORN!' There’s our leader doing what he does best – community booty organizer. The only ghetto mannerism missing is his unconscious hand clutching his boy-brain (crotch) in MJ fashion!" It's like the charming Freeper discussion detailed over at Kos about Malia Obama wearing a t-shirt and shorts.

The point here, as ever with the conservative commentariat, is not that they're having fun. It's that it's fun about a lie. When we in Left Blogsylvania laughed our asses off at Bush's stupid facial expression when he couldn't open a Chinese door or when he massaged the shoulders of the leader of another country, it was because he actually did those things. (And, well, that motherfucker did look like a chimp.)

It's just kind of pathetic, this desperate attempt to mock Obama, as if catching him in a butt glance will mitigate the myriad sins of the Republicans. It's like seeing a limping frog trying to get to a quickly drying puddle.

However, if Obama had been checking her out, well, c'mon, can you blame him? Look at that ass.