Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Think About Chilling the Perrier-Jouet and Breaking Out the Beluga:

That's President George W. Bush's head propped up on a giant black stone. It seems a bit barbaric, but, to be fair, so have the last eight years. We probably could have waited until January at this point, but the McCain campaign needed a game changer and a definite way to distance itself from this administration.

Bush's head was displayed at the Chamber of Commerce in DC today, where it tried to reassure the nation about the vortex of the economy. Most people couldn't pay attention, though. They were appalled that a disembodied head was speaking in some horrible, garbled, barely human voice-like sound. "Why the fuck is it still talking?" a man in the audience was heard to scream. "It's just a head. Are we living in a nightmare?"

Others just stared, aghast, some vomiting up their danishes and crullers, as the head offered, "America is the best place in the world to start and run a business. America is the most attractive destination for investors around the globe. America is the home of the most talented and enterprising and creative workers in the world. We're a country where all people have the freedom to realize their potential and chase their dreams."

"There is no God, there is no God" a woman sobbed when Bush's head said, "This promise has defined our nation since its founding; this promise will guide us through the challenges we face today; and this promise will continue to define our nation for generations to come." No one could take the words seriously because, indeed, no one could be sure that it wasn't simply the devil speaking through the head. Most just wanted it to stop talking.

The head was taken from the stage to be frozen until it needed to make another appearance, but by that time, it wouldn't be able to speak, because, in all likelihood, all that would be left is the top half of it.