It's All Been a Lie: The Source of Republican Rage:
God, we've all had those days. When you wake up in the morning and look across the bed to see the guy you've been fucking for the last however long - months, years, maybe even a couple of decades. And you finally realize what a complete fucking loser he is. Yeah, yeah, it's been fun. All those insane nights out, trips overseas, the time you had a threesome with that British dude, deep conversations over glasses of wine where, you now realize, he fell asleep just a little bit before you got to your point. But now, now, you're staring at him, thinking, "That fucker can't hold a job, he's always getting into fights in bars here and abroad, doesn't clean up shit around the apartment, and expects me to give him money whenever he wants new clothes and shit."

It's a stunning kind of moment, when you feel helpless and you think, "Fuck, I've based a chunk of my life around this asshole. What am I gonna do?" Now, you can blame yourself - your life, your decisions. But that's just way too goddamn hard: you gotta look yourself in the mirror every day. You blame him. But that requires action: you gotta toss his ass out and learn to live life on your own. No, the easiest thing is to push down that ball of unease and lash out at others: the motherfucking bosses that fired him, the dicks at the bars who bumped him, anyone, fuck, Christ, anyone so that you don't have to face the horrible truth: what you have believed is a lie and you have lived that lie for years now.

Sure, there's a great deal of racist hatred going on at rallies for John McCain and Sarah Palin, what with all the monkeys with Obama clothes and calls that Obama ought to be killed. But, as with much hatred directed at the left, most of it is simply the barbaric half-articulate bleats of misdirected frustration cried out by idiots in denial about how fucked up their country and their lives have been for the better part of the last three decades. And their own complicity in their own undoing.

Oh, children, you may not remember, but there was a time when the thought was that government ought to at least pretend to represent those who didn't have the means to represent themselves. But part of the Reagan "revolution" (if by "revolution," you mean, "extreme pro-capitalist economic policies that fucked over most of the nation and made almost everyone not rich less free") was the codification of the idea that what's good for the rich is what's good for the country. Post-Great Depression, the government at least gave lip service to and often acted to directly help the poor. From Reagan on, that was seen as bullshit. And the fuckin' hilarious part was that because of Reagan's decision to bring religion and cultural issues into the mix, he got a lot of dirt poor assholes to believe him. Shit, that was some fine snow job.

But what's happened in the last couple of years, starting with Hurricane Katrina and climaxing (one hopes) with the economic crisis of the last month, all those idiots who really think that the Dow Jones Industrial Average reflects something about their lives other than how deeply they're fucked have had to face the nightmare that the ideology they had staked their lives and their children's lives on was a fairy tale. And that God wasn't gonna do jack shit to make it all better.

When some tool yells, "Terrorist" or some such shit while McCain is yammering on or when Sarah Palin is saying some stupid ass thing she doesn't understand, it's because that person can't face the truth. It's easier to make Barack Obama and vaguely defined "liberals" and "Democrats" into the villains than the people who keep telling them, "No, no, all evidence to the contrary, that dude in your bed's a great guy and everyone else is just trying to dick you over."