Joe the Creepy Guy You Wouldn't Want Alone in Your House With Your Clogged Pipes: A Halloween Photo Essay:

Two bald men, fates entwined, one whose fortunes are rising, the other whose dreams are quickly tattering like an American flag that's been hanging off a plumbing repair truck since September 12, 2001.

He is always there now, an ominous hulking presence. Yet some wonder, "Why the fuck is Boo Radley stalking the McCains?"

Joe the Monster, created in a focus group lab, now is a beast whose hunger for the spotlight cannot be sated. "Turn around," we may think we should yell at McCain, "for the love of God, turn around." But, the truth is, it's always way more fun to watch the monster attack.

One can sense in Joe the Pumpkinhead's demeanor the thirst for face time with the cameras and reporters, wondering when he can lift his creator up and toss him over the castle wall.

Indeed, even his master McCain must be filled with consternation at the way the beast has learned well the ways to exploit the Everyman persona that the master has tried so hard to foster himself.

Yes, yes, John McCain, this will be one of the faces you will remember on the deathbed of your campaign. You cannot stop the smugness of Joe's self-righteous smirk. On Election Day, no one can hear you scream.