Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Freebase Hot Dogs While Huffing Apple Pie:

Hey, there's the President of the United States. And that's Roberto Clemente, Jr. And some kid. And Dugout, the Little League mascot and horrible genetic mutation belched forth by the polluted environment. It must be tee ball time at the White House.

The White House tee ball game is an annual event beloved by all. This year, the teams were from Camden, New Jersey and Rockville, Maryland. Look at our President. He's joshin' around with people. What could spoil this perfect American day?

Now, the point here is not to mock a bleeding child. Andy Fortuna must have been hurt and scared after being hit in the face with a ball at the President's final South Lawn tee ball game. This picture is merely offered as a poignant metaphor for the end of the Bush presidency. Oh, Andy, we know how ya feel.