Brief Comment on the Shooting in Knoxville, Tennessee(Updated for Liberal Hating) :
When the bastards finally invade the spaces you know, the places you've been, then you feel it deep, man. The Rude Pundit's been to the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Church on many occasions, for a wedding or two, for rummage sales, and for political meetings, and, hell, he even gave a reading there of non-rude material. It's a good place, a welcoming place, a sane place, a non-denominational place, where social activism is alive and well, where non-violence is preached and practiced. If you're gonna open fire on a church to attack Christianity, it's truly a piss-poor choice of locations. And during a children's production of Annie? Whatever voices in Jim Adkisson's head were telling him to twelve-gauge up the joint really forced him to do it on the worst possible day.

Surely, some opportunistic assholes will use this to make a case for more concealed weapons, but the Rude Pundit won't deign to argue with such ghouls right now. Nothing more is needed than a wish for wellness, a hope for healing, and a sigh, once again, for how very, very far and fast we continue to fall.

Update: Oh, wait. Nope, Adkisson didn't hate Christians. He hated gays and liberals. Hence his choice of churches. So well-played, cocksucker.