Fourth Rude Anniversary Comin': Break Out Yer Wallets and Give Some Cold, Hard Love:
We're comin' up here on four years of rudeness, which is like a century in human time. And because the Rude Pundit knows that sometimes you gotta do things to keep the relationship fresh, he's got some plans. No, not clitoris clamps or Barack Obama masks. Media-type stuff.

He ain't gonna record a friggin' vlog because, well, it's hard not to look like a complete jerk-off if you do that. He will, however, be posting a juicy anti-Ann Coulter clip on YouTube from his show The Road to Rude at the beginning of October, just in time for the release of the beast's latest "book." And he's gonna do some podcastin', a once a week kind of deal, like Ira Glass meets Rob Zombie and they do some meth together.

There's a few other things up the Rude Pundit's sleeve. But if he tells you he's bringing home a sailor for a threesome, well, where's the surprise?

So the Rude Pundit needs to upgrade. He needs to give up this loyal old iBook and get hisself a fancy ass Macbook, some software, and a microphone. And so, as is his once-a-year wont, the Rude Pundit's askin' for donations to extend the reach of the rudeness. Big or small. It'll make you feel all fuzzy inside when you hear the Rude Pundit's voice caressin' ya and you can think, "That bastard's on my speakers 'cause I gave him money."

Let's just call this bad boy a fundraiser. Let's do it for the week or so. Let's call the goal $2,000. Click on that PayPal donation button, below or on the side, and click it hard enough to make the baby Jesus cry.