The Jesuit in the Mix:
Here's an e-mail the Rude Pundit received yesterday from Boring Diatribe:
"[Special Prosecutor Patrick] Fitzgerald is 44, making him 4 years older than me, so we didn't overlap at the Jesuit high school we both attended in NYC, where we both grew up, but I can tell you a couple of things about our education:

"Regis is a 500 student high school for gifted boys. There's an entrance exam. There's an interview. There's an interview for the parents, separately, and the bad apple students are steadily weeded out over 4 years, though admissions mistakes only hover around 1-4%. Rejected students are those who can't excel in a rigorous program that at that time included 3 mandatory years of Latin and the kind of debates that are rarely seen beyond Lincoln-Douglas re-enactments.

"Have you ever looked into the eyes of Jesuits? Look long enough, and you can see the heretics burning back there. Back then, they still imparted that zeal to their students, if pointed in more helpful directions.

"When I heard Fitzgerald went to Regis, I knew Rove and the boys were in a lot of trouble. Rest assured, if there's a crime, Patrick's going to find it, and he will prosecute. At the time I attended, Regis was designed to turn out moral (in the true sense) men who would become impeccable professionals or even captains of industry. I think Fitzgerald's route is obvious.

"If you've read down this far, here's the Regis song:

"'May ours be the noble heart
Strong to endure
Daring though skies be dark and roadways unsure

"'May ours be the heroes' part
Ready to do
We are your sons fair Regis, our spirit is from you.'

"I know Roveco are criminals. You know they're criminals. If it can be proved, Patrick will prove it."

You know what'd be fuckin' hilarious if Fitzgerald actually indicts a couple of criminals (or a couple dozen)? That the Bush administration would be brought down by someone who was, at least at one point in his life, a devoted Christian. For the White House, it's just a shame that he might be the type of Christian that understands the value of honoring ideas and faith above paying homage to humans.