Feeding the Right-Wing Monster With Harriet Miers' Corpse:
You know what's gonna be fuckin' hilarious? When George Bush nominates some insane wad of fuck to the Supreme Court now that Harriet Miers has turned tail and run. 'Cause, see, the Democrats now have cover from any insanitoid right wingers or groups that fuckin' dare to say that a Bush nominee deserves an up-or-down vote. They have demonstrated just how full of shit they are. A fair hearing? A debate? Fuck no. Just give us who you want, or we're gonna rip out your jugular and dance and bathe in the spraying blood. They got what they wanted - Miers' tasty, if bony, corpse to feed on, but it's a hungry monster and it craves more flesh.

The Rude Pundit has no sympathy for Miers, who, if she was as fuckin' smart as Bush seemed to think she was (but, let's face it, there's rutabgas and cardboard boxes that seem smart relative to Bush), she would have said, "Are you out of your goddamn coke-decayed mind?" when she was asked to be nominated. Miers is a tragic figure at best, pathetic at worst, so beholden and enamored of her mad leader that she would throw herself on the spears of the confirmation process for him so he wouldn't have to be bothered with all that interviewin' and decidin' that hurts his brain so bad. But the worst thing to come out of this whole debacle is that the ultra-right now sees itself as having even more power.

Oh, you know that in the halls of the Concerned Women for America, they broke out the good dildos, the cross-shaped ones, and passed them out to everyone around for a lunch time group clit-tickle to see who can have a vision of Jesus first. In their fuck-you kiss-off press release on Miers, the CWA, which just this week had called for Miers to withdraw, says, "'Miss Miers has shown great respect and consideration by putting the needs of the American people and the judicial system above her own personal ambitions,' commented Wendy Wright, CWA’s Executive Vice President. 'We look forward to future opportunities of working with Miss Miers and will stand united with her on common goals.'" Or, in other words, sorry, bitch, but unless you can be our tool, we don't have any use for your unqualified ass. The title of the release: "CWA Wishes Miers All the Best." And, you know, don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Meanwhile, the rest of the right is breaking out their Antonin Scalia blow-up dolls to receive the anal pleasures of Big Tony's cock, begging him to treat them like the Constitution and strictly construct their assholes. Said Richard Viguerie of the quickly obsolete Withdraw Miers coalition: "Ms. Miers' withdrawal presents President Bush with an opportunity to put forward a nominee that will allow for a substantive and dignified debate about the role of a judge and respect for the Constitution while uniting his conservative base." And who was preventing the substantive and dignified debate? Guess that would be, well, the Withdraw Miers gang and, you know, Richard Viguerie.

David Frum, who's got a Clarence Thomas doll he keeps chained to the attic wall-it's really sad, when Frum fellates the Thomas cock, jacking himself off furiously and weeping over the image of the real Thomas looking down from the wall and forgiving him for the chains - called this "A Great Day For American Democracy." Writes Frum on the National Review Online, "The system worked. And as we all hoped, once again the president got the big decision right." Now, one might think that this proves the President got the big decision - the nomination - wrong, and that the withdrawal was a clear demonstration of the innate wrongness of the initial nomination. But then, you'd be living in the real world and not writing for the NRO. Bush is blameless, don't you see?

So the right will want obeisance now, a bowing down to their whims on the Supreme Court - they want a fuckin' nut they know is a fuckin' nut, someone they know will shoot abortion providers while stomping on gay couples who wanna get married. And if the Democrats hold out, demand documents and real opinions, run ads opposing the nomination, they can say that, hey, we're just doin' what you guys did to your own. Nah. The right is nothing, if not filled with liars and hypocrites.