President Who-Gives-a-Shit (Part 1):
If President Bush was a reflective man who spent any time wondering why an increasing majority of Americans don't like him, don't trust him, don't approve of him, and don't really understand how he was re-elected, maybe he'd do well to look at his statement on the death of Peter Jennings. Bush said that Jennings was a journalist who "covered many important events, events that helped define the world as we know it today," which is a bit like saying that "Marilyn Monroe was an actress who fucked many important men, men who helped define the world." Bush added, "A lot of Americans relied upon Peter Jennings for their news. He became a part of the lives of a lot of our fellow citizens, and he will be missed," before bringin' it all back home to the big guy: "May God bless his soul."

Yes, a reflective man might have used a superlative or two to discuss Peter Jennings (who, in a lesson to us all, ended his incredible career with a special hour on whether or not UFOs exist), but, as we consistently learn from the President, reflection is for pussies and there is only the future. Honoring the dead is for the weak. They are useless and should merely become the sod under his feet on the path to places unknown.

President Bush simply can't be bothered to give a shit about such matters like dead anchormen or the mothers of dead soldiers. More on that tomorrow.