Why Bill O'Reilly Ought To Be Sodomized With a Microphone, Part 45:
Because O'Reilly, Fox "news" "host," and Rupert Murdoch's spooge bucket, has decided that Michael Moore's publicity junket for Fahrenheit 9/11 is really about Bill O'Reilly. After admitting that he left the film after just an hour (although others say he left much earlier), O'Reilly even dares to offer a movie review: "The film is pretty much what you would expect, President Bush and his administration are a satanic cult and we live in a police state. The movie was a little slow for me, fairly predictable." It's rather like O'Reilly attempting to fuck his wife and when he loses his erection before he ever penetrates her, his wife says, "He was humping me like a desperate puppy looking for a place to shove his red rocket. If he had finished, it would have been more of the same baby slaps, only stickier."

O'Reilly is as angry as a sorority girl discovering the bar is out of Jagermeister about Moore, saying that people who love Moore's film would love Nazis. Of course, people, including the Fox news commentator, who stayed for the whole film tend to find it completely unlike the slow-moving screed O'Reilly describes. Or maybe Roger Friedman is about wake up to find a kangaroo's head in his bed.

Note: We will return tomorrow to round out our Incredible Shrinking President series. Adware and spyware have ripped through the Rude Pundit's computer like Sherman on a bender.