Briefly Forgotten, Briefly Mentioned:
If you haven't seen last night's Daily Show With Jon Stewart, do try to catch it or Tivo it or have your manservant tape it today at 7 p.m. (Eastern - the rest of you can do the fuckin' math). Stewart gives himself the "moderate" cred by dissing Clinton up front, but then he rips into Cheney (even daring to say that he "lies"). However, in the interview segment, Stewart talks to Stephen Hayes, Weekly Standard "writer" and author of The Connection, which has the bad timing to be a book that purports to give the "truth" on the close relationship between Osama and Saddam (based, mostly, on that stupid, discredited Weekly Standard article fed to them by Douglas Feith).

Just sit back and watch as Stewart tears the guts out of the whole war rationale by asking a simple question: If we're sending people to die in a war, shouldn't the standard of proof be more than "we're not sure if we're right"? And watch Hayes simply grin and try to enjoy his brief moment in the eclipsing sun.