10th Anniversary Guilt Trip Shakedown Continues

10th Anniversary Guilt Trip Shakedown Continues:
The Rude Pundit will be back later with a real post (it might even make some damn analogy between Breaking Bad and congressional Republicans), but for now he's gonna answer the first reader question.

This blog and this writer are celebrating 10 - that's right - 10 goddamn years of melting his brain by calling out evil where he sees it. And he's doing so by asking you to throw some money his way. Yeah, all bloggers try to figure out the way to monetize their very free content or some such shit. The Rude Pundit does so by throwing a fundraiser every coupla years. You can do your part by getting all clicky up in this joint on the PayPal button:

And he's answering questions from readers that you can send through the email. Like this one from reader CM of Illinois: "Yesterday, you mentioned Karl Rove's leather slave. Will we faithful readers ever see him again?"

CM is referring to a much-abused man who has made about ten appearances on here over the years. Oh, the many things that Karl Rove has inserted into his anus. Oh, the horrors he had to witness, like a weeping Ari Fleischer masturbating while whipping himself. Oh, at last, he got his freedom.

So, will he return? That would be up to America. If the nation wishes to ties him up in the White House basement again, perhaps by electing Chris Christie president, so it must be. But rest assured: he is currently living in a cul-de-sac in Peoria, keeping a low profile, and never letting Rove know where he is.

Send other questions to "rudepundit-at-yahoo-dot-com".