Jim Bunning Has Been Hit in the Head by Too Many Line Drives:
When barking mad, taint-licking GOP Senator Jim Bunning, whose record in the Senate includes assuring Americans that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that Ruth Bader Ginsburg was about to die, decided to make his mighty stand of mighty deficit reduction, it was for the mighty amount of $10 billion, which is more or less what Blackwater (sorry...Xe) contractors spent on hookers and vodka in Iraq, during a war that, Bunning might remember since he voted for it (no, wait, he doesn't), wasn't paid for. That $10 billion ain't for foreign aid to France or illegal immigrant pube waxing. No, it's for real shit that affects real people in their everyday lives. You've heard already about the extension in unemployment and COBRA benefits, as well as Medicare payments and transportation project funding. Oh, but there's more.

Bunning is cock-blocking an extension of the National Flood Insurance Program. Yeah, you know, the only place you can get flood insurance? You can't do that right now. Suck Bunning's dick, coastal and river dwellers.

And even with the pared down version of the House bill (which was passed in December) that Harry Reid got out of the Senate Finance Committee on a mythical bipartisan vote, there's a big bunch of tax credits, and aren't Republicans supposed to cream in their jeans over those? Hell, GOP propaganda pretty much would call a tax credit for, say, elementary school teachers who buy stuff for their classrooms a "tax cut." But now Bunning's blocking that, too.

Brave man though he is, the Senator from Alzheimer's loves his little bit of pork for Kentucky. Yeah, in the most recent budget, he sponsored an earmark of $3.2 million for a Lexington company with the charming name of American Freedom Fuels. Their mission is "To creatively utilize nature's carbon cycle to benefit mankind." And your tax dollars make sure their capitalist enterprise keeps running capitalistically.

He also got Western Kentucky University $2.4 million for something called "Project Fortitude," a Defense Department program that the Defense Department didn't request. Anyone know what the fuck this even is? It seems to involve a company called EWA Government Systems, Inc. getting shitloads of money.

So Jim Bunning has no problem with multimillion dollar contracts going to corporations in his state. He just has a problem with kids eating.