In Brief: Why Jim Bunning Should Sodomize Himself with a Louisville Slugger (in His Own Words):
Crazy Kentucky cumsack and Republican Senator Jim Bunning has shut down government offices and state highway construction, as well as halted unemployment and health care benefits to over a million citizens, all because he's a fucking lame duck, crazier than a shit fight in a monkey house, and dumber than a bucket of hair. When implored to stop his hold on the $10 billion legislation for transportation and an extension of benefits, which many Republicans support, the wealthy ex-baseball player reportedly said, "Tough shit." Bunning's problem? The bill would contribute to the deficit. And few cranky old men have deserved a beating more.

Here's Bunning back on November 23, 2003, the good ol' days, when unfunded mandates in the hundreds of billions were a mere bag of shells: "[L]et me say how disappointed I am that it appears some Members may try to filibuster this bill. In fact, it seems as though there are Members in this body who want to filibuster just about everything we try to do, whether it is stopping judicial nominations, the Energy bill, or this Medicare bill. Just a few weeks ago we spent several days in continuous debate on judicial nominations. On Friday, the Energy bill was blocked. Now it looks as though some are going to try to kill this bill. I call that obstructionism."

Bunning was talking about the Medicare Prescription Drug bill, and not once in this floor speech or an earlier one in support of it did the Kentucky fried shithead ever mention that the cost was simply going to be added to the deficit: "Talk is cheap, and it is time to act and it is time to act now. We have $400 billion allocated for this benefit. It would be a shame if we let this opportunity pass us by. It might not come again."

Just to be clear, Bunning has caused workers to be furloughed and construction to be halted, resulting in lost wages and state funds, as well as cruelty to the unemployed during a cruel time. But Bunning is taking a stand, goddamnit, on deficits. Of course, it's on the backs of the poor. Of course, it's from someone who is no longer accountable to anyone. Could someone go to the Baseball Hall of Fame, piss on his plaque, and use his trading cards for toilet paper?