Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Down a Handful of Sam's Club Wedding Cake with a Bottle of Cheap Champagne:

That's people praying at the Modesto rally in support of the California anti-gay marriage measure, Proposition 8, to be voted on this election day.

These people are lined up in Salinas. It's part of a bus tour to whip up anti-gay fever in California.

Although, considering that California's income is based on the entertainment industry, the high-tech industry, and, to some extent, wineries, alienating gay people seems a bit like punching yourself in the crotch repeatedly.

Look at those pictures. What the fuck? It's like every inbred Jed and Jane and their low-forehead children had a sign shoved into their fat fists 'cause they wanna show Jesus how much love is in their hate.

More on this next week.