Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Smoke Meth While Downing Moonshine:

That sign was defaced in Abingdon, Virginia. It's kind of par for the course this year.

Just in the last month: In Fulks Run, Virginia, someone painted the letters "KKK" on an Obama for President sign. For a really charming take, check out what the yahoo puke savages at some godforsaken discussion board for the deluded and self-defecating have to say. The best phrase? Put the article through "your jewspeak translator."

In Pittsfield Township, Michigan, just south of college town Ann Arbor, on an Obama billboard, "Black spray paint was used to draw three swastikas, Klan hoods, a poorly rendered Confederate flag; and to write 'KKK,' 'Rebel' and two racial slurs." The Rude Pundit loves the idea of a couple of drunk, racist fucktards trying to figure out how to draw a Confederate flag at 3 in the morning.

In Cookeville, Tennessee, another sign, another defacing. This one in the middle of the town. A friend tells the Rude Pundit that it was up for maybe a day before someone painted "nigger" and "KKK" on it.

In Edmond, Oklahoma, same story, different landscape. And in Spokane, Washington. And in Sacramento, California. In Upper Arlington, Ohio, the variation was to spray paint "Death Obama" on the house that had a sign in the yard.

This, of course, is not to mention the Oregon incident of the cardboard Obama hanged in effigy.

Yeah, most of these are just a couple of knuckle-dragging idiot teenagers or college students looking to do something stupid because they can't smoke enough basement meth to quell the despair in their lives or maybe they wanna impress some other shithead or whatever. But it still bespeaks a sorrowful, shameful infection that will never be cut out or cured. And that has to be actively ignored in this political season because there ain't enough time to address it.

Just a short reminder here today of what exactly we're up against.