Anti-Gay Marriage Propositions 2, 8, and 102: Tell Us Again Why?:
There's many a fucked up belief on the right that the Rude Pundit can understand. He can get his mind around the idea that someone who thinks that life begins at the moment a little tiny sperm nuzzles up to a big ol' egg would want to stop that zygote from being aborted. He gets that people are just naturally greedy fucks who think that lower taxes will make them rich. He comprehends that there are people who are so damaged by 9/11, whether it actually happened to them or not, that they think blowing up some shit somewhere in the area of the actual terrorists will do some good. You name just about any idiotic, demonstrably wrong tenet of some kind of mainstream conservative ideology, and the Rude Pundit would say, "Well, that's idiotic and demonstrably wrong, but, shit, there's reasons people might subscribe to that." But there's one that, no matter who explains it in ways secular and religious, that has absolutely no basis in any kind of space we might refer to as reality. And that's opposing gay marriage.

With the battle engaged this year in California, Florida, and Arizona, we gotta go one more time around the block on this. It's absolutely fucking incomprehensible. And, you know, with a war we seem to have nearly completely forgotten about going on and the economy going down faster than a lesbian porn star in an all-day labia-licking fest, it's just frivolous and childish.

Out in California, the much-discussed Proposition 8, which would amend the Constitution of the state in order to outlaw gay marriage, is an answer to a court decision that overturned an anti-gay marriage statute voted on by the people of California. In order to prevent such a court decision from even happening, some homophobic Arizonans are attempting to preemptively amend that state's constitution with Proposition 102. The same damn thing is what's behind Proposition 2 in Florida, an effort supported by suspiciously suddenly-getting-married bachelor Governor Charlie "Not the Republican VP Candidate" Crist. The idea is that, by amending the state constitutions, those motherfucking judges you've heard so much about who "interpret" the "laws" can't get their filthy hands, the same hands they masturbate with, all over the precious definition of "marriage."

Now, seriously, and without invoking Jeebus or Allahlicious, can someone fucking explain why all this money and time and effort to prevent gay couples from being able to call their marriages "marriages"? 'Cause the only way you can make a case is if you idealize the fucked-up state of straight marriage and/or simply deny that gay people exist. Even allegedly secular "studies" are just great huge piles of horseshit masked in language that sounds rational but that ultimately undermines itself.

Every reason behind the pro-proposition people is just the sweet abyss of tautology. Check out the ad and the fact sheet for the Arizona one. The ad says, more or less, "We need to do it because we need to do it." In the FAQ asserts, "Prop 102 does not take rights away from anyone. Prop 102 simply defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Everyone has the right to live as they choose, but no one has the right to redefine marriage for all of society. Voting 'yes' on Prop 102 secures the definition of marriage for future generations." You got that? It doesn't take away any rights, except that it doesn't allow gay couples to marry.

You go to the other pro-proposition sites and it's the same repetitive bullshit. Parents don't want their children to learn about gay people. Or, in the case of the Florida gay haters, it's because God made man and woman and you don't wanna make the baby Jesus cry, do you? Do you?

But none of these are actual reasons. Kids learn all the time about shit that their parents would rather they not know. And, in what is presumptively a nation with separation between church and state, who the fuck cares what "God" thinks? Until that fucker runs for office, fuck what God has to say. No, we all understand that under the soft music and gentle voices of the ads that what's simmering there is hate and fear, motherfuckers, hate and fear. It's the only reason that makes any sense at all. So there's the issue: you wanna be someone who's allied with the hate-and-fear mongers? Is that who you are?

There's some things that are just patently logical. You live in a country that guarantees equal rights for all. That seems pretty fuckin' clear, no? And if government has no role in deciding what a "marriage" is, then why all the fuckin' fuss?