Break Out Yer Wallets and Give Some Cold, Hard Love, Day 4:
Yes, we're almost at that moment, that fantastically tense few seconds when you know you wanna come so badly but you check with the lover under you to see if he or she is ready yet, 'cause you just think it'd be amazing to orgasm together. Just hanging there, teetering, the inexorable tautness in your gut, the connection, the feel of the fucking, filling your body.

In just over three days, rude readers from places like Copenhagen, Denmark and Cleveland, Ohio, from students to doctors, have been donating money to the cause of widespread rudity. Just a bit more and we'll go over the top for this year's fundraiser, a day early, too. Damn, that's sweet. A few more clicks below or on the side, and we'll call this fucker done and break out the hand towel.