We Still Haven't Left January 6th

On January 7, 2021, one day after a plague of festering dickscabs swarmed the U.S. Capitol in an attempt to halt the certification of the 2020 presidential election, I wrote the following: 

"Every single Republican who ever enabled Donald Trump, and that includes supporting his campaign, voting for his judges and his fucking bullshit wall, voting against his impeachment and removal from office, separating families and caging children, going along with and encouraging his denial about how deadly COVID-19 is, and so much more horrible shit, cannot be allowed to weasel out of their complicity. This didn't happen without Republicans rolling their eyes at and waving off Trump's extravagant fuckery. They made a deal with the Devil, and that spike-dicked motherfucker is ready to sodomize some souls. So I don't wanna hear about how brave and patriotic Mitch McConnell's speech was where he said that Biden won and Trump lost. I don't wanna hear how Lindsey Graham redeemed himself with his call to speak the truth to MAGA cretins. Even Republicans like Adam Kinzinger, who has been outspoken in his outrage at Trump's refusal to concede, don't get a pass when they spent their entire time in Congress helping Trump.  I don't wanna hear about the conscience that the now-resigning members of the administration have suddenly discovered like a long-lost, beat-up teddy bear. No, fuck all of you. This didn't happen without your blithe acceptance of every bowl of shit Trump fed you. You anonymously spoke against Trump while being too fucking cowardly to go on the record. You should all have a large 'Trump' carved into your foreheads so that for the rest of your lives, everyone will know where you stood when your country was falling the fuck apart."

I suppose the only thing I missed in that rant is that I didn't think they'd all carve "Trump" in their foreheads themselves and that they told the Devil, "Sodomize away" as they gleefully bent over, anxiously hoping for some spike-pricked action, blood and pain be damned. 

In so many ways, we've never left January 6, 2021 in this America, where we've been damned to watch the blatantly guilty run free and propagate their evil madness, acting as if their advocacy for and/or participation in an attempted coup is merely free speech and not an attempt to squelch and eliminate the purest expression of our free speech: voting. 

The insurrectionists try to compare themselves to the Founders and to the revolutionaries who legitimately risked everything to fight England. Of course, most of the Founders would have wanted the crazed mob fired upon and their leaders executed. It’s the blood of traitors that waters the tree of liberty. 

Of course, we pretend to be more civilized, and thus we have had two years of investigations with not a single coup leader indicted for anything close to activities related to, you know, doing a coup. Human-shaped facial scab Steve Bannon was indicted for contempt of Congress, but not for being a traitorous turdfucker. For the most part, they worst the people who tried to turn the country into a dictatorship have gotten is an uncomfortable interview or two with the January 6th Committee or Merrick Garland's Department of Law Enforcement Snails.

That’s on everyone involved in investigations. Barring some startling round of indictments, they’ve blown it. The lugubrious pace of the January 6th Committee and the Justice Department’s investigation has allowed those who took part in planning and propagating the coup attempt to emerge not only unscathed, but in the case of the House Republicans who couped the shit out of the Congress, emboldened by now being in the majority. And, as I have warned repeatedly, the stupidly named Freedom Caucus and its stupid, grunting whore members are threatening to use every means they have to hamstring or halt the prosecution of, well, fuck, any of themselves or anyone else like, you know, Trump.

This perverse idea that because we’ve never arrested and prosecuted a president, we must be extra super-duper careful is worthless. Just because you never did something before doesn’t mean that you proceed with so much caution that you end up not bothering to do it. The republic will not fall to pieces, no matter what the Chicken Littles of the punditocracy say. Indeed, it says something about the strength of a country if it can confidently prosecute a former leader for trying to steal an election.

Worst of all, they have allowed the small cabal of the maddest Trumpinistas to give the former president (that’s right – Donald Trump was once president of the United States. Fucks you up when you think about it, doesn’t it?) continued power. The timidity with which Trump has been handled would be laughable if it weren’t so dangerous. I mean, he held a rally at the US Capitol to protest the legitimacy of the election. He invited his idiot hordes to join him in marching on the Capitol. I’ve said it a thousand times and I’ll say it a thousand more: I will never understand why Trump wasn’t cuffed and dragged out of the White House on January 6, 2021. Or, if you're thinking, "They'd never arrest the president" (which is just sad), then howzabout on January 20, 2021, as soon as Biden took the oath. I will also never understand why the niceties of an impeachment took precedence over law enforcement when he so clearly broke the law. And you can say he has a First Amendment right to say the crazy shit he says, but, and I say this again for the fuckteenth time, the First Amendment is not a suicide pact. 

As demonstrated by delirious debacle of voting pudding-brained Kevin McCarthy in as Speaker of the House on the 15th attempt, the newly emboldened House Nutzoid Caucus, promised everything from Marjorie Taylor Greene getting her toys licked by McCarthy to Matt Gaetz getting to watch when McCarthy blows Nestor to Lauren Boebert getting to ream McCarthy out with her rifle, are going to attempt to destroy shit because that’s all they know how to do. And no one has made them pay a price. 

So we all pay the price in watching those we know should have been arrested two years ago flaunting their freedom in our flustered faces. It will never not be January 6, 2021 until they pay.