Random Observations on an Insurrection

1. This was inevitable. Anyone even casually observing the last five years knew that the Trump reign was going to end in violence. Unless you willfully put blinders on and truly believe the bullshit fairy tale of "This is not who we are." This is very much who we are. We have always been a nation filled with racist, incoherent yahoos who are on the verge of violence and whose white privilege protects them in ways that no Black or Muslim person would ever be. Those yahoos just needed a leader to tell them to go and they were gonna go, and, in Donald Trump, they found their leader, someone who is as devolved and cretinous as they are, with the illusion of strength and courage and success, all lies, all fantasy. 

So when Trump asked his MAGA drones to show up in Washington, DC for a rally on the day that Congress would certify that Trump lost and Joe Biden won the presidency, what the fuck else would you expect to happen? And then he implored them to march to the Capitol, where Congress was meeting. Oh, sure, he dropped in the word "peacefully," but he also told them, "You have to show strength, and you have to be strong." Whether he intended violence or not (and I think he was desperately hoping for violence because that's the kind of bitch he is), the idiots who think Joe Biden is a pedophile and hundreds of thousands of votes just disappeared heard exactly what they wanted to hear: It was finally, at long last, go time.

2. It could have been much, much worse. The motherfuckers built a gallows in front of the Capitol building. They talked about hanging members of Congress. And if you want to blindly dismiss that as hyperbolic bluster, go fuck yourself. These fucking animals had zip ties with them. There were fucking pipe bombs found, as well as a cooler filled with Molotov cocktails. They fucking vandalized the joint, wrecking shit and scrawling "Murder the media" on a door. The intention was to harm people. They killed a member of the Capitol police with a fire extinguisher. Do not have a single iota of doubt: If they could have gotten their hands on a Democratic member of Congress or Mitt Romney or another Republican they see as disloyal to their Orange King, they would have murdered them. Christ, imagine if they got to Ilhan Omar or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, representatives who they have been told are enemy agents. And if you think that's paranoid nonsense, then you put yourself in the shoes of the Senators and Representatives in that building, hearing the doors and windows break while a hooting mob of dullards who have been told that you hate them and their America come streaming down the hallway towards where you are. You'd have shit yourself in fear. They wanted to take over by force. They wanted a coup. This was an insurrection by people who believe a gigantic lie that is being cynically propagated by Republicans. You don't bring a Confederate flag into the Capitol unless you're making a pretty clear point about what you think of the United States government.

3. Every single Republican who ever enabled Donald Trump, and that includes supporting his campaign, voting for his judges and his fucking bullshit wall, voting against his impeachment and removal from office, separating families and caging children, going along with and encouraging his denial about how deadly COVID-19 is, and so much more horrible shit, cannot be allowed to weasel out of their complicity. This didn't happen without Republicans rolling their eyes at and waving off Trump's extravagant fuckery. They made a deal with the Devil, and that spike-dicked motherfucker is ready to sodomize some souls. So I don't wanna hear about how brave and patriotic Mitch McConnell's speech was where he said that Biden won and Trump lost. I don't wanna hear how Lindsey Graham redeemed himself with his call to speak the truth to MAGA cretins. Even Republicans like Adam Kinzinger, who has been outspoken in his outrage at Trump's refusal to concede, don't get a pass when they spent their entire time in Congress helping Trump.  I don't wanna hear about the conscience that the now-resigning members of the administration have suddenly discovered like a long-lost, beat-up teddy bear. No, fuck all of you. This didn't happen without your blithe acceptance of every bowl of shit Trump fed you. You anonymously spoke against Trump while being too fucking cowardly to go on the record. You should all have a large "Trump" carved into your foreheads so that for the rest of your lives, everyone will know where you stood when your country was falling the fuck apart. 

3a. By the way, hope you enjoyed when Donald Trump, Jr. declared that "This isn't their Republican Party anymore. This is Donald Trump's Republican Party." Yeah, you're fucking owned by these grifters. 

3b. And, always, fuck Mike Pence.

4. What a bunch of pussies these MAGA cretins are. They started claiming almost immediately that Antifa (which is not an organization) leftists had infiltrated their nice peaceful march and caused the mayhem. Well, that'd be fucking news to Trump, who, in one of his now-deleted tweets, talked about what "great patriots who have been badly & unfairly treated for so long" they are, and that he loved them.  I thought the Nazi tattoos were a pretty good indicator of who was there. Jesus fuck, just own this shit, MAGA fucknuts. This is something your movement did. Stop trying to blame others for your violence. Goddamn, Black Lives Matter protesters owned their violence. And they were treated a fuck of a lot worse by police because they didn't glisten in whiteness. Half of Trump supporters are celebrating the violence and another half are saying, "Whoa, that's not my club." Sorry, but you're the Muslims now. Show them the picture of the fuckin' MAGA troglodyte grinning in Nancy Pelosi's chair and ask them, "Won't you condemn the violence committed by your fellow believers?"

5. If nothing is done to constrict Trump, whether through impeachment and removal or the 25th Amendment, then you can bet that shit is going to go crazy again on January 20, when Biden and Harris are inaugurated. That's the response to anyone saying that we need to look to the future. Punishing people is about the future. It tells others that there are consequences to their actions in order to stop people from doing this shit in the future, and those consequences cannot just be that, well, gosh, maybe they'll lose their reelection. Actually charge people with sedition, including members of Congress and Trump, not just the regular assholes who have had their heads filled conspiracies and lies from every piece of media they consume. Yeah, those pathetic fucks should be punished, but they are far from acting in a vacuum. (Right after posting this, Nancy Pelosi said 25th him or we'll impeach the motherfucker. Good on her.)

5a. Honestly, is there a single goddamn reason to leave Trump in office other than you don't want to bother with removing him? It's not like he's been doing the job.

6. And, in the future, listen to us on the left when we say that someone is a goddamned danger. We were right about George W. Bush. We were right about Trump. We knew the former was a vile dunderhead; we knew the latter was a maniac who couldn't handle the job and couldn't give a shit about learning it and whose followers were going to turn violent. We were right. Everyone who said not to worry was wrong. Everyone who said that there's no difference between Democratic and Republican candidates was wrong. Everyone who told us that Trump didn't mean what he said was wrong. Every media outlet that thought Trump was a joke was wrong. We were right, all of us sad Cassandras. And we'll be right in the future. 

7. By the way, Democrats won the fucking Senate. That happened yesterday with two Senate runoff victories in Georgia. And Trump's and the Republicans' failures continue as we had the highest number of COVID deaths on a single day yesterday. We have so fucking much work to do.