Haiku Review of 2022: Speak No Evil

The haikus just keep pouring in. Everyone wants to get in their last digs at this fucked year, which comes on the heels of another fucked year, and another. We can't keep up with the fuckery. But you sure are in your entries, which are getting progressively nastier and darker. Here are a few more of my favorites.

From TallTrees in WA
Covid and traitors
What a fucked dance card that is
With no end in sight

From VJ in NJ
Lizzo's crystal flute
How many angry racists
Wished it was their dicks

From TMangrove in Wisconsin
Conservatives shout
"We are being silenced!" from
Thousands of platforms.

From Tim H.
Florida omen,
As Desantis fluffs the mob
Trump looks for his cock

From Craig K.
Solemn Remembrance 
We miss Rush Limbaugh
Passings forge gaps in our souls
He ate shit and died

From DJL
National Mood
In like Ted Lasso, but out
Like Wednesday Addams

From Dick Fritter in Crazy AZ
A Hole in One
Dig up her grave now
Ivana, we hardly knew
you were stolen docs

And I'll end with a really great reacharound:

From Liz in Salt Lake
If I could not wake
to words from the rude pundit,
I would go insane.

Keep 'em coming. I still have a handful to go through for tomorrow's climactic post and then we can kick this year in the ass on the way out.  Once again: 5-7-5 syllables. Titled or untitled. Send 'em to: rudepundit (at) yahoo.com. And make sure you tell me your nom de rude and some place somewhere. 

(The title up there comes from the film that disturbed me more than any other this year. Don't watch it. It's great. Don't watch it.)