Emotions Experienced While Watching the New York Times Video on the January 6 Insurrection

If you haven't yet, you should absolutely watch the 40-minute video blow-by-blow of the January 6 uprising at the U.S. Capitol that was produced by the New York Times. If you're like me, you will go through some things as you watch the consortium of copious cretins and countless cunts attack the center of our democracy to try to stop it in its tracks from certifying the fair and lawful election of Joe Biden. I thought a bunch of shit, like:

1. I remembered when I marched in a peaceful protest at the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis/St. Paul in 2008. I ended up with a group of Code Pink activists, and when we left the park where we had gathered and headed into the downtown area, the streets were solidly lined with cops in riot gear. It was goddamn wall of helmets, bulletproof vests, and black batons at the ready, all the cops armed, with snipers on the roofs, staring down at us through their scopes. I tried to interview some of the police, but, you know, they weren't in the mood to be friendly. It was meant to intimidate us and meant to keep us in line, with the idea being that if we stepped out of where we were supposed to be, we'd be met with intense force by some motherfuckers just aching to ruin our days. Yeah, I couldn't help but think about those cops and all the cops that were a constant presence at Occupy Wall Street and at other protests when the Times video showed how essentially a skeleton crew of Capitol police were on duty on a day when fucking truck horns were blowing about how there was going to be premeditated and planned violence against the Capitol itself. 

2. I know we say a lot that it's really kind of miraculous that no members of Congress or their staffs were taken hostage or strung up by the cretins and cunts in the crowd that scampered through the building like a pack of starved curs off-leash and looking for blood. But, to me, what was even more miraculous is that the police didn't gun these motherfuckers down by the dozens. And, yeah, yeah, we can say with a fair amount of certainty that if the Capitol had been rampaged through by Black Lives Matter protesters or Muslim activists, the marble would have become a morgue. But that doesn't really cover every single one of those officers. We've seen tons of situations where cops shoot someone walking towards them with a knife, yet the police officers outside the Capitol didn't draw their weapons while being beaten by the crowd with flagpoles and batons, while having their eyes gouged and being sprayed with bear mace. I've read that they knew they were badly outnumbered and feared the crowd getting even more violent, but that doesn't explain the almost entire lack of gunfire. The police were restrained (heroically so, in some cases) while it was pandemonium, and a whole lot of assholes should be grateful that they were. 

3. Yeah, okay, you wanna bring up Ashli Babbitt, the one person shot and killed by an officer as she was about to breach the doorway to the Speaker of the House's lobby? You go right ahead, but if I'm being totally honest here, and why the fuck not, fuck Ashli Babbitt. I don't fucking care. Watch the video. She was about to leap through the window where there were cops with their guns drawn, telling her to stop. She didn't. She was on a mission to undo the election, and she had already committed violence and probably wanted to do more, with those around her shattering windows and breaking doors. Fuck her. Fuck her and fuck everyone turning a traitor into a martyr. And you know what else? Fuck the other rioters who died, like the Q-Anon crazy who was crushed to death by other crazies, like the guys who died of a heart attack or stroke. I feel bad for their families, sure, yeah, I guess. But the ones who died? They were adults who made adult decisions that got them fucking killed. I think of them the same way I think of the Confederate soldiers whose rotted bodies pollute our American soil.

4. If I haven't been clear, the rioters were plainly, in their own words, there to invade the House and the Senate and halt the election certification. They were there to fuck shit up (as more than one announced). Some were in organized groups, like the self-fellaters known as the Proud Boys and the twatmites known as the Oath Keepers. Most seemed to be a conglomeration of random shitheels and fucknuts who wanted to get their white rage on. Sure, you could make a case that this was a bunch of military LARPers who got out of control. Except there were real fucking soldiers in there, even some active duty. But not a goddamn one of them didn't understand that what they were doing was breaking the law. They just thought they were the law, that they were righteous, that Donald fucking Trump's mad insistence that it was a "stolen election," which was really just his desperation to stave off prison and bankruptcy, gave them some kind of imprimatur of official status, that their defeated president would pardon them, even. It doesn't matter that they really believed in their cause (although I'm guessing many were just getting off on the violence). It doesn't matter that they were lied to and continue to be lied to. You wanna sit at home and wallow in your ignorance and hatred, fine. You wanna bring that shit out and try to overthrown the government by violence? You fucking get what you deserve: hundreds of people under arrest and being whiny bitches about it. 

5. Another thing that comes through is just how disgusting the vast, vast majority of the GOP is in denying their complicity in making January 6 happen and in their concerted effort to scrub the insurrectionist intent of the events of the day. There's flaccid cock Andrew Clyde going from cowering behind armed law enforcement to pronouncing that the rioters were mere "tourists." And the media savages who weren't even there are shown pronouncing that the whole thing is overblown. Watch the events. The rioting fucks have murder in their eyes. Even now, we have the shit-slicked worms that lead the GOP, Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell, refusing to allow for an independent commission to look into January 6, with McCarthy inhaling Trump's nutsack deeply as he decries any effort to investigate things by Congress. And then there are the slop-sucking piglets of the nutzoid right, like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar, who always looks like he's worried he's gonna be caught masturbating to images of dead immigrants on his work computer. Lauren Boebert, who is Marjorie Taylor Greene without the charm, is palling around with one of the extremists who attacked the Capitol because of course she is. 

6. No, you right-wing dickheads, we can't get past January 6 until the motherfuckers who caused it are held accountable. If you don't want that, then that means you know who is responsible. And it's not just Trump and Giuliani and Matt Gaetz and Alex Jones and the other raging whores who spoke to the crowds. It's not just the ones openly provoking it. It's people like you who cheered it on and who want it to go away before the jig is up.