Answering the Dumb Responses to "Why We're So Fucking Angry at the Unvaccinated"

In response to my post from earlier this week, a number of skeevy anti-vax taint-huffers wrote to inform me of how wrong I am. Some were of the polite "have you considered this?" variety. Others were more along the line of "Fuck you, you fucking asshole." My favorite was the one person who accused me of being a shill for Big Pharma, making bank by promoting their murder shot. Man, I wish. 

Of course, what goes unexplained in that scenario there is that if Big Pharma were really deceiving people and serving up poison, wouldn't that eliminate their customer base? I mean, at least oxy addicted people for a while before they died. You kill your users right out of the gate, and you've cut your profits way down. 

And that's the way most of this shit went. Usually, all I had to do was ask for a source or evidence and the whole fucking thing would fall apart.

Like this from last night over on the Twitter: "Have you seen the thousands of illegal immigrants pouring over our border daily?  Covid is up 900% along the border because of it.  And these people are being bussed around the country. Wake up!!!!" I asked the yelly tweeter for a source.  This was followed by her asking what I wanted the source for: "That thousands of illegals are pouring over the border?  That thousands of illegals are pouring over the border with Covid?" I responded that I wanted info on it all. So she sent me some stuff about the surge at the southern border, which, fine, we all knew about. 

And then she sent me a Fox "news" article that does indeed claim a "900% increase" in the number of Covid cases, which sounds ominous as fuck. That is, until you read the piece, which says, "There were 135 detainees who tested positive in the first two weeks of July alone, marking a 900% increase in confirmed positive cases compared to the previous 14 months." That's it. It went from around 14 cases to 135 cases, which, while a 9x increase, is hardly a reason to slam the shit-yourself button, especially since that's out of around 100,000 people. I mean, if I had 1 bottle of whiskey and now I have 11 of them, it's a 1000% increase, but I don't say that because that makes me sound like a fucking idiot. All that increase means is that Covid cases at the border are rising because of the Delta variant, just like everywhere else. 

So all she really wanted to do was tell me she hates Mexicans, which I wish she had because that's racist and shitty but it's at least honest.

Without quoting any more of their incoherent, subhuman gruntings, lemme try to answer a few more of the dumbass responses.

1. The vaccine is flat out killing people and/or giving them seizures and/or tearing up their internal organs and/or raping their cats and laughing while doing it. Your cat is safe. You have a better chance of lightning striking your nipple rings than you have of dying or being harmed by the vaccine. This hysterical shit is never calmed down by citing actual statistics, like the odds of death versus the odds of your nipples going all Ben Franklin. No, no, these motherfuckers have secret sources that tell them that people are just fucking dropping dead left and right after they get the jab. But the government or Big Pharma or George Soros would have to be hiding thousands of deaths for it to even be statistically significant when you're talking about 140 million people who have been fully vaccinated. That's a fuck-ton of shocked nipples.

2. Tucker Carlson said thousands of people died from the vaccine. Tucker Carlson said it and I believe in him more than I believe in God. First off, Tucker Carlson is the rectal prolapse of Fox "news" in that he's showing us everything that Fox thought it was keeping hidden up its own ass. Never listen to a rectal prolapse. It's just desperate for attention. And that number is garbage because it comes from a garbage self-reporting site that doesn't say what someone died from, only that they died at some point after being vaccinated. The Covid vaccine doesn't prevent cancer. 

3. I done had me the Co-Vids, so I don't need yer fancy vaks-seen. Okay, lemme deal with this one on a more personal basis: Hey, you dicks. I had the 'rona. I had it and recovered and got an antibody test in May 2020 and lo and fuckin' behold, I had me some antibodies. Made me feel like the goddamn Incredible Hulk or something (but there was no one available to smash in the lonely Covid summer). Then I went to give plasma in January and, oh, shit, I didn't have antibodies anymore. Now, it's entirely possible one or the other test was a false reading. It's also likely that my antibodies faded because I had a mild case of Covid. I was gonna get vaccinated anyways, but I sure as hell got it because no one knows how well protected you are post-infection. In other words, don't act like you're a fucking virologist when you're not a fucking virologist.

I mean, really, c'mon, anti-vaxers. Just say you're afraid. Just say you're fucking cowards, that you're like cave people who cowered and shit themselves when they first saw fire, that you're part of the crowd of barbarians who would burn astronomers at the stake when they said that the earth revolves around the sun, that you're the country bumpkins who thought movies were ghosts and phantoms. 

Because you either embrace incredible scientific advancements or you scream at the setting sun like a lunatic because you believe it will never rise again.