They Have to Acknowledge Biden Won Fair and Square

The nation cannot move past the events of last Wednesday without one simple, obvious step: our leaders have to say, clearly, with no equivocation, with no bullshit conditions, that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the 2020 general election fairly and legitimately, with no voter fraud, no cheating, no Dominion machine fuckery, none of that. If the MAGA-huffing members of Congress and state officials won't do that, then they need to be sanctioned, censured, expelled and/or fired. 

There. That should be the bottom line before we talk about "healing" and "unity," two hopeful words that have been used as weapons of intimidation by Republicans desperate to shed their complicity in the insurrection at the Capitol. And I'm saying that all Republicans have been complicit, for, truly, to have been a Republicans for the last four years means, almost to a person, to have enabled Donald Trump, which led to the attacking shitheels to even get close to murdering legislators and the Vice President. 

Besides, the country already needed to heal and unify in the wake of this destructive fucknado of a presidency. Joe Biden was talking about it constantly. Instead, after the election, Republicans whipped their cretins and troglodytes into a fever pitch, telling them to shit on unity and piss on healing, with some telling them implicitly and some telling them explicitly that "war" and "combat" and "threats" were going to be needed to keep power. With perhaps a couple of particular dumbasses as exceptions (looking at you, Gohmert), it was a cynical ploy that either whipsawed against them or ended up exactly where they wanted it: with violence and coup and assassination threats hanging over anyone who would challenge the rabble's belief in Trump's fantasy victory. 

Yeah, you sons and daughters of bitches don't get to set the terms of how to get over this. You already failed the basic decency test, along with civics class. Prove you deserve anything more than condemnation and exile. So you motherfuckers gotta start by cleaning up the goddamn mess you made and say the truth: Trump lost. Biden won. 

The whiniest shit you hear from the MAGA/Q crowd (for, really, there is barely separation between them now) is that Democrats never accepted Trump's victory in 2016, which is utter bullshit. Yeah, we were pissed off about it because, you know, we fucking lost. We knew there were factors that influenced the vote, like Russian hacking and trolling and James Comey's big fucking mouth. We thought it was fucked up that Clinton won won the popular vote by millions but still lost. We know for a fact that Republicans pass laws to suppress the votes of non-white (and likely Democratic) voters. They've admitted as much. But the belief that there was actual machine hacking and other vote-changing or ballot-stuffing chicanery was limited to one corner of the Left, and virtually no one in Congress or Democratic leadership said anything of the sort. No one gave those things any oxygen. We did find it frightening that Trump denied any Russian interference and refused to acknowledge that reality because the interference was in his favor. It needed to be investigated. But he still won the goddamn election. And don't fucking talk about impeachment being the same thing as "overturning an election." Just fuck off with that stupidity.

The both-sides shit is psychotic. Tonight, in the debate over the symbolic resolution calling on Mike "Riding Bitch to the Bitter End" Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment and get Trump out of power, GOP Rep. Lisa McClain compared Trump riling people into storming the Capitol to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asking why there aren't more uprisings (which was about migrant parents uprising over having their kids taken from them at the border) and other supposedly intemperate remarks. McClain said everyone is to blame in order to appeal to a fake idea of unity, to letting this little kerfuffle at the Capitol that killed 6 people go because Maxine Waters said Democrats should harass Sarah Huckabee at restaurants. Except the difference is that, and let me make this perfectly clear so that even fucking indecent, ignorant shits like McClain can hear it: Trump. Is. Lying. All the Republicans are lying about the election. Democrats were reacting to real shit. Families were being broken up at the border. Black men and women are being murdered by the cops. We protest the real world. MAGA cretins are protesting a fiction. That's the motherfucking difference. 

Right now, as more Republicans start to realize that they'd better get off the Trump-tanic before it breaks in two, they need to understand that there is a price to heal, and they have to pay it. Tell the truth. Joe Biden won. You lied about the rest. Say it like the truth you know it is. Or fucking sink.

Oh, and sacrifice the Republicans who fanned the flames most, like devolved cockmites like Mo Brooks, Paul Gosar, Josh Hawley, Ron Johnson, and the mightiest cockmite of them all, Ted Cruz. Purge the government of these bastards. Don't forget to kick out the Q nuts. And then we can get to the healing and unifying over destroying Trump.