The Simplest Endorsement Possible: Fewer People Will Die If Joe Biden Is Elected

Update: As if to prove this post right, Trump says that he's going to fire Anthony Fauci after the election. And Deborah Birx said everything Trump says about COVID is bullshit. 

Look, if you've already voted or are voting for Joe Biden, you know that it's primarily because, for fuck's sake, we have to get back to some kind of sanity in the United States. We know that another four years of Donald Trump will wreck the federal government, creating a barely functional cult of personality, where loyalty to the leader and his goals, such as they are, is more important than experience or competence. 

I have refused to let myself go down the rabbit hole of everything that will be lost if he wins again, from the judiciary to NATO to the education system to... Yeah, I gotta stop because it's just too depressing. It's not an overstatement to say that the United States that you know will cease to exist. And no matter how shitty you think this country is (and it is often remarkably shitty), it will be worse: more racist, more divided by class, more anti-civil rights, more cruel, more violent, and so very much dumber.

That's why we're voting for Biden. Because we need to get back at least to zero, to where we were before this bovine orange bastard undulated in and fucked up the joint. And if we start to make progress past that, well, that's just a bonus. 

I'm not gonna go through all of Biden's policies here. You can go to his website or google that shit.

But lemme bottom line this for anyone who may still be stupid enough to be on the fence at this point: You vote for Joe Biden because fewer people in this country will die if he's elected. 

And this isn't even an argument. It's just fucking factual. If Trump is re-elected, then nothing will change in how the country handles the coronavirus. We'll just keep suffering and dying until there's a vaccine or some miracle treatment. And even then we'll keep suffering and dying by the tens of thousands because of how long it will take to distribute a vaccine, which will likely not work to prevent 100% of the cases anyways.

The way to prevent far, far more death and complications from COVID even when you survive is to elect Joe Biden. It really is that simple. And when you think of it that way, it's about as clarifying as anything can be. You can ask yourself, "What kind of person am I? Am I the kind of person who wants more people to die? Or am I the kind that would like to prevent more coronavirus deaths than necessary?" Yeah, it's that fucking simple.

Jesus, just look at what Biden wants to do. It's all the easy shit that Trump could have done, and if we had done it from the start, we might not be looking down the barrel of a long winter killing a bunch more of us. A massive expansion of testing, a massive expansion of the medical personnel available, a massive increase in the supplies of PPE, a huge boost in the spending on those hit by the economic disaster of the pandemic, a huge boost in spending to make schools and businesses safe, and so very much more are all part of it. Health professionals think it's a good plan. Hell, it's a fuckin' plan, unlike the lack of a plan we have now. As one expert put it, "I couldn’t stop thinking, ‘What if we had this all along during the pandemic?’ What a different place we would be in." Imagine that. Imagine being South Korea, where they never had to lockdown and where they can go out to eat and to work and to school and to concerts and live a normal goddamn life again. 

Yeah, that's fuckin' enough for me. And it should be all you need to convince you to vote for Biden.

Oh, sure, you can argue about Biden's record on lots of shit. You can tell me about his vote for the Iraq War and how many people died because of it. You can tell me about the 1994 crime bill. You can tell me about how Biden is beholden to big banks and Wall Street. You can tell me about how he doesn't support Medicare for All and how he's too moderate. And you are right. You are very right about all of that.

You know what I'm right about? Fewer dead people. There will be fewer dead people in this country if Biden is elected than if Trump is elected. 

Fine, you want more? It's still about the number of dead people. Donald Trump is trying to tear down the Affordable Care Act, no matter what the Supreme Court decides. If the ACA is gutted, unenforced, or overturned, millions of people will lose their health insurance in a Thanos-like finger snap. Thousands of people will die because of that. If Biden is elected with a Democratic Congress, the ACA will be strengthened and expanded. Again: Fewer people dying versus more people dying.

Do I even need to get into the whole "not dead/dead" comparison when it comes to women if Roe v. Wade is overturned? 

So there's my motherfucking endorsement of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. I shouldn't have to make any other argument, just like Donald Trump shouldn't even be in pissing distance of winning reelection after helping to cause the deaths of a quarter million people in this country. 

I'm not being trite or ignoring other things. We're in a big fucking crisis. One candidate makes the crisis better. One candidate makes the crisis worse. For once, it's pretty fucking clear that the election is not about the lesser of two evils. It's about defeating a genuine evil.