Haiku Review of 2019 (Part 3): The Rise of Haiku

Sweet Jesus, you all want to write some damn haiku. Since the call went out the last two days, I've gotten about 200 haiku and, even when it's just 3 short lines, that's a lot of fuckin' poetry reading. It's also been tough choosing the ones to post here because, well, you have all upped your haiku game, almost as if the rank fuckery going on around us has inspired you.

Here we go:

From Cerato:

Despite the bullshit
A man of integrity
Schiff laid out the facts

From Fuggly in NH:

Wish I Hadn't Asked
I asked a Trump guy,
"What could you hear to lose faith?"
He just said, "Nothing"

From Jack in a sea of red in a blue state:

Mueller testified
But failed to entertain us
Lady Justice wept

From Pauline in Indiana

Twenty nineteen gone
Just before I realized
Twenty twenty comes

From Steve L.:

sewerline of hate
open Twitter and drink deep
oh, the endorphins

From Gummo in Brooklyn

Only now can frogs
Boil their own pot of water
That takes a BIG brain

From T. Mangrove in Wisconsin:

Grands were immigrants.
Parents worked hard, and I thrived.
My kids are so fucked.

From Mary S. in Massachusetts

Once again the chant.
"The Jews will not replace us"!
Tiki torches march.

From LegendaryStickFigure:

Rashida's Lament
A perfect phone call
impeaches motherfucker
not above the law

From RR in Rhode Island

In Iowa's 4th,
Medicare is socialist,
But not their bailouts.

Alright, one more day of this tomorrow and then back to the semi-regular bloggery you've known to semi-love and semi-expect.