Haiku Review of 2019 (Part 2): The Haiku Awakens

Damn, in one short day, you all have sent in dozens and dozens of haiku. Things have taken a turn into the dark as we see 2020 steering towards us at full speed, ready to smash us into the pavement. Until then, though, let's get haiku-ing.

Here are some of the best so far, from sea to shining sea and a Canadian.

From Bewildered in Toronto:

Our old friend believes
Trump is A-O.K. We ask,
"The man's crazy, right?"

From longtime haiku-inator Rabbitearz in Los Angeles (I'm not sure if it's "Rabbit Ears" or "Rabbi Tears," but, sadly, both work):

That British fat toad
Boris "the spider" Johnson
Weaves a web of sloth.

From Ms. L.B. in New York City:

I Got Your Pitchforks and Torches Right Here
Trump yammers "Witch hunt!"
We explain, "It doesn't mean
What you think it means."

From Twangling Jack in Rain City:

Melania's Blues
Hard-faced First Lady
Swatting away orange hands,
How can you "Be Best?"

From Sarah in Seattle

They clutch their Bibles
which were printed without the
Sermon on the Mount.

From Brad in Dallas:

The next century
Is one Trump then another
If he gets away.

From Robert J.:

"Anal fistula,"
Stephen Miller's new nickname,
Is still far too kind.

From Vicki in Philadelphia:

Impeachment is writ
On Trump’s permanent record
In big black Sharpie.

From Doug, no longer in Oakland:

All of this snow beats
Wildfire evacuation
Two forced moves this year

From VJ in NJ:

A Wish for a New Decade
The NRA dead,
Trump gone, McConnell run out
Bankrupt and erased

Keep 'em coming. Another bunch tomorrow. Once again: 5-7-5 syllables. Titled or untitled. Send 'em to: rudepundit (at) yahoo.com.