Haiku Review of 2019: The Last Haiku (of 2019, That Is)

Yeah, yeah, officially it's 2020, but let's finish off 2019 with another bunch of haiku, submitted by you (maybe not you, but probably you). And then we'll put away the haiku machine for another year, assuming we survive this one.

And away we go...

From Pencederast from America in Ruins:

Our days in Trumpland
A grim ceaseless parade of
Huh? and what the fuck?

From Blake L:

Read Mueller's report
Tell me Trump did not obstruct
Then go fuck yourself.

From Sukatra:

Best Sex Ever
I'm imagining
a presidential jail cell.
Damn. Just orgasmed!

From Seattle Steamer:

Nancy moves on Trump
Like a bitch. They let you do
that when you're Speaker.

From Sheila in New York:

Mistress of the House
Living rent-free in Donald’s
Putin-controlled head

From Mel in rural Oregon:

When the chips are down
Nunes calls for his lawyer
To corral that cow.

From Kate in New York:

This year up in smoke
Marijuana busting loose
Growing like a weed

From Tom in Tucson:

A. G. Billy Barr
Wants his Jesus back pronto.
Democracy weeps.

From Grumpy, Esq:

War Criminal
Eddie Gallagher
Is the George Zimmerman of
William L. Calleys

From Defense Liberal in Maryland:

Swimming Lessons
Mar-a-Lago sinks
Beneath the warm rising seas
Foul faux Atlantis

From Zack in New Mexico:

Spoiler Alert
Innocent and old
I feel like Baby Yoda
Punched in the ruck sack

Now 2019 is done. Kick it to the curb and let's see if 2020 is gonna fuck up the joint more or help pay the rent.