The Rude Pundit on Patreon: Join Up and Get More Rudeness in Your Lap, on Your Hand, and in Your Ear

Just a not-so-little reminder here that you can join the Rude Pundit Patreon page for as little as a buck a month and as much as, oh, hell, let's say a gajillion. What do your dollars get you?

For $1, you get a bonus post and one Rude Storytime each month. Like the recent "Rush Limbaugh Loses His Goddamned Mind (Again) When the MAGABomber Is Caught" and the audio story of when I was physically attacked by performance artist Karen Finley (it's a funny one).

For $3 a month, you get a bonus post a week and a Rude Storytime every other week. Like the recent History of Rudeness series, including "That Time a Lot of People Wanted to Kill Me" and the audio tale of how I lost my job at Sears.

This is not to mention posts where I dove into the QAnon Reddit cellar of crazy and where I recommend shit I like - music, movies, TV, maybe even a book.

For $5, you get all that shit plus extended versions of the interviews from Another Goddamn Podcast, like the most recent one with Kaili Joy Gray of Shareblue.

For $10, you get all that plus tickets to any upcoming Rude Pundit events (and I'm working on a new stage thing).

I'm gonna do an online hangout soon, and maybe, if the interest and love is there, some hangout hangouts IRL.

For $100 a month, I might be obligated to go down on you. I have to check the rules of Patreon.

And when you join, you get access to everything at that level posted so far. A whole buncha nasty, funny, occasionally sad, and sometimes even uplifting pieces.

The money isn't just going to booze and drugs and condoms. Oh, no. When the total reaches an amount where I can, I wanna do more video stuff and I wanna pay people to help out with the podcast (and maybe even a writer or two). We can create an Empire of the Rude together.

And, sweet rudesters, we will need an empire heading towards 2020.