Photos That Make Me Want to Shake Up a Bottle of Fullsteam Beer and Spray It in a Legislator's Face

That's a photo of the line to vote early in the presidential election. It's outside the Hope Mills Recreation Center in Hope Mills, North Carolina, where the GOP-controlled legislature has engaged in fuckery in cutting the number of hours of early voting, as well as reducing the number of polling places. This was all in an effort to, oh, shit, what? Save money? Prevent fraud? Which bullshit reason did they give for this?

The idea was to try to make it inconvenient for Democrats to vote, especially non-white Democrats because, as one federal judge said, "African Americans disproportionately used" early voting.

But, if you look at that photo up there, you can see that there are a whole lot of old and/or obese white people in Hope Mills being inconvenienced, too. The town is, after all, nearly 75% white. The county as a whole might have gone to Obama in 2008 and 2012, but the district has elected a Republican to the House for a good, long while.

So good job, North Carolina GOP. You did that. Enjoy your stupidity and cruelty, especially in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.