Sorry, Donald Trump, But the Sheriff's Badge Excuse Makes No Fucking Sense

You've seen it by now, right? The thing from a tweet put out by Republican candidate and anus dentata Donald Trump that takes the "History Made" image celebrating her as the first female presidential nominee from a major party, with a cash background and Fox "news" poll footer photoshopped in? Oh, and with a six-pointed star that reads, "Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!" In other words, a Star of David-shaped epithet over a pile of money. Seriously, it may as well have said, "Jewy Jew Jews Love Their Jewy Money." Which is weird because, while Clinton is a ludicrously enthusiastic supporter of all things Israel, she ain't Jewish.

Still, the message is clear: She is a puppet of the Jewish financial industry conspiracy or whatever Jewy-sounding thing you need to be a dumb fuck enough to think is real. And that level of dumb fuck forms much of the base of Donald Trump's vote. Surprise, surprise, the anti-Semitic image was tweeted out earlier on a white supremacist's account. In other words, it was stolen from a white power enthusiast by a candidate who is beloved by such people and who has retweeted them with depressing regularity.

Now, you'd think, sincerely or not, the campaign would just say, "Yeah, we fucked up. Sorry. It won't happen again." Instead, first the Trump camp took down the offending image, covered the star (mostly) with a circle, and put it back up, as if no one ever screenshot anything. Then, they sent their flying monkeys onto the airwaves to say, "God, you fuckers are so sensitive. It's a sheriff's badge? See? We're saying Hillary is a criminal by putting it on a sheriff's badge." Trump himself tweeted that. His social media director said they got the star from Microsoft Shapes and intended it to be a sheriff's badge, which "fit with the theme of corrupt Hillary and that is why I selected it."

Except that makes no fucking sense at all. When have you ever seen a sheriff's badge used as a way to accuse someone of a crime? In fact, if you look at the websites for actual campaigns for sheriff, you see the badge as it's usually depicted: a five- or six-pointed star with a location and title on it.

Here's Trump-humper and human armpit Sheriff Joe Arpaio, from his page begging for money to save his political ass:

Occasionally, it's used as a shape for the ad itself, as in this from a candidate for sheriff in Spalding County, Georgia:

Yeah, and much of the time, the badge's points have the balls on the end.

You can look at dozens of these, and the Rude Pundit has, and you won't find a single campaign for sheriff where the badge is used to indicate anything more than the job and its authority. It simply doesn't function in the way Trump claims it does.

In other words, it's utter and complete bullshit that it was supposed to be a sheriff's badge. They knew goddamn well that all the skinheads and yahoos would know exactly what was going on. They share this shit all the time on their chat rooms of the damned and dumb, on their shit-for-brains Facebook groups.

One more piece of evidence that this was meant to be a dog whistle to the Nazis and Nazi wannabes? Right now, Hillary Clinton's "corruption" is about classified material sent through emails, a money-free fake "scandal." In fact, the only "scandal" that involves money is her getting paid to give speeches to Wall Street, Goldman Sachs, to be precise, or, you know, where the Jews are. So the cash on the image is an allusion to that.

You put the Star of David on there, and what the fuck else could it be?