Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Down Some Ecstasy and Watch The West Wing

Remember when idiots went bugfuck because President Obama put his feet up on the desk in the Oval Office? Remember when dumbasses lost their tiny minds because Obama was dressed too casually for a phone call with Vladimir Putin on the crisis in the Ukraine? Remember when fucknuts raised the batshit level to 11 because Obama saluted some Marines while he had a coffee cup in his hand?

Now imagine that photo up there was with President Obama. Imagine that a major terrorist attack had just occurred on U.S. soil, and this picture captured Obama sitting back with his feet on a desk as he was managing the crisis. Imagine the hategasm that would have ejaculated all over the media about what a filthy pig motherfucker Obama was for daring to look relaxed at such a time. Imagine if, during the bin Laden raid, he had kicked back all chill and shit. There would have been calls for his impeachment, if not his head.

But that is not President Obama. During the bin Laden raid, President Obama was pictured leaning forward, staring intently. Of course, he would be criticized for seeming cocky when he walked out to announce the raid, but, hell, of course, haters were gonna shit on what would have been, under the last administration, a cause for a street orgy.

That's President George W. Bush on September 11, 2001, post-My Pet Goat, when he was at Barksdale Air Force Base, looking for all the world like a man who was just told that the delivery guy forgot his sandwich.

This is not to slam Bush, although that'd be easy. It's to say that everything that Obama is criticized for - his casualness, his aloofness, his cool - was overlooked when it came to Bush and his brand of boobery by the same people who scream now. And that we should never forget that, even before Donald Trump, the Republicans had given us a total fucking idiot as their nominee, and he won.

Oh, and that putrescent pus-blob hulking there by the side used to be a demon and now he's just a fucking worm in the dirt.