Briefly Noted: Gun Nuts Win This Round (That's a Pun!)

Way back in February, the Rude Pundit said that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives had proposed banning a type of armor-piercing bullet because handguns had been made that could fire it. The proposal was open for public comments, and, boy, howdy, the gun fellaters started deep throating and inundated the ATF with emails of imminent doom, societal collapse, and Mexican zombie apocalypse should the bullet, used in AR-15 rifles (like the ones that kill lots of people in mass shooting), be outlawed. There was barely a whimper from the pro-gun regulation side.

So, as it does with most things gun related, the ATF (and, by extension, the Obama administration) caved and said it would "study" the exemption for the bullet further. Squeaky wheel, enjoy that grease.

Of course, who knows what could happen in the future? (Cue ominous music and sound of Wayne LaPierre cackling madly as he wipes his ass with money sent in from NRA members.)