The Proper Way to Interview the Old/New Iraq War Hawks

If the Rude Pundit were the host of the great and mighty Meet the Press, the wheezving old man of the Sunday morning gabfests that pretend to serious talk about political shit that actually matters to the actual lives of actual people, and he had as a guest the former Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, the man who pushed and pushed for the U.S. to invade Iraq back in the day, he might ask, as host David Gregory did, "[W]hat do you do then, as a policy matter now to stop this?"

"This" is the expanding civil war between the Shi'ites and Sunnis, with an insouciant flavor of Kurd peeking through. You know, that thing that was going to happen the moment the U.S. military left Iraq, no matter how lowd.. That thing that all of us were predicting.

So he might ask the question, but Wolfowitz would immediately get punched in the nuts by the Rude Pundit because that's what you do.

It'd be a pattern for pretty much every talk show.

Weekly Standard editor and man who is wrong about everything, William Kristol, might be able to say, as he did on Morning Starbucks with Joe this morning, "Is this an acceptable outcome for the 4,500 Americans soldiers who died in Iraq or the 2,000 who died in Afghanistan?" But then he'd get punched in the nuts.

Richard Perle, who, with Wolfowitz, helped push the Bush administration into war, was on the public radio show The Takeaway this morning, blathering about  how he was right about toppling Saddam Hussein and then everyone else fucked the whole thing up. Host John Hockenberry engaged Perle in a conversation when, frankly, he should have been punched in the nuts.

All of 'em. Every singe goddamned one. Paul Bremer. Just pound the shit out of their nutsacks so that every time they even think of commenting on the sectarian violence in Iraq, they get a pain that makes them need to shit themselves instead of the pain. It's the only way to guarantee that they'll shut the fuck up about the need to go back to Iraq.