Bobby Jindal: Fetus and Jesus Lover and Hypocritical Motherfucker

That's Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal handing a copy of a law he just signed to the legislators who sponsored it. The law "requires that a physician performing an abortion have active admitting privileges at a hospital that is not more than 30 miles from where the abortion is performed." It is called the Unsafe Abortion Protection Act, and it's not a stretch to read that as saying that the law ensures that more women will get unsafe abortions since the bill will force all but one clinic that performs abortions to close.

By the way, Jindal signed the bill into law at the First Baptist Church of West Monroe, which is in an area of northeast Louisiana that might be politely referred to as "filthy with backwards ass country fucks." You got that? Signing an anti-abortion bill at a Baptist church? Jindal had to have gotten bingo on his Pandering Dickwad card.

That was on Thursday. On Saturday, Jindal was speaking before Iowa Republicans (motto: "Our disproportionate influence over who becomes the president ought to be outlawed"). There, the elected official who just signed a law at a church told the slavering hordes, "I’m here to tell you one of the most important fights we have is to stand up for our First Amendment religious liberty rights...What President Obama doesn’t seem to understand is … the United States of America did not create religious liberty, religious liberty created the United States of America."

Okay, wait. This goes from cynical lying to farce. Because, see, Jindal signed two bills at that Baptist church that fine day last week. The other bill says that "no individual or organization that performs elective abortion or its affiliates may provide instruction or materials in public elementary and secondary schools or in charter schools that receive state funding."

So the conclusion we can draw is that the First Amendment rights of Christians are sacrosanct, but the First Amendment rights (which includes, you know, speech) are bullshit for anyone who is even affiliated with abortion providing.

And that's today's lesson in "Go fuck yourself with a crucifix, Bobby Jindal."