The Benghazis the GOP Will Never Touch

The Rude Pundit was going to write a long, graphic, stomach-churning piece about various Republicans, like Darrell Issa, Lindsey Graham, and Trey Gowdy, doing horrible things to themselves and each other sexually using the bones of dead U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens as implements of penetration. There would have been dildo talk, there would have been cries of pain and joy, there would have been gushes of ejaculate and feces all over one another and all over the hearing rooms of the Congress and all over the media and all over their base, who just eat it up, and maybe even all over Hillary Clinton. It would have been vile and depraved, and some of you might have found it shocking and funny, and some of you might have found it shocking and gross, and more than a few of you would have been turned on, and perhaps some of you might have taken notes for use later. That's the kind of service this blog offers.

It would have all been written as a metaphor about the GOP's monomania about What Happened at Benghazi, something that really has no relation anymore to what happened at Benghazi, at that American consulate in Libya some twenty months ago, when four Americans were killed in the chaos of terrorist attacks and riots over whatever people were rioting about. The metaphor would have demonstrated, through nauseating imagery, exactly why Republicans are still beating this drum, even though the drumhead was worn out and torn a long time ago. Yeah, all of that was loaded and cocked and ready to fire.

And then, out of curiosity, the Rude Pundit was reading a bit, and this story came up: "4 Dead, 24 Wounded in Weekend Chicago Violence." It's about how many people were murdered or hurt, mostly by gunfire, in the Windy City just this past Saturday and Sunday.

If this was being written last Monday, the headline would have been "43 Shot, 5 Killed, in Spate of Weekend Violence in Chicago."

If it had been the week before last, the headline would have been "At Least 8 Dead, 44 Wounded In Weekend Shootings."

And on and on heading backwards for as long as you care to look.

In other words, there's at least a Benghazi every weekend in Chicago. Sometimes it's twice a Benghazi. Yet there are no congressional hearings about the dead Americans in Chicago. There's no admonishment of politicians for having policies that contribute to the violence, like the nation's lax gun laws (yeah, Chicago's got strict gun control, which totally doesn't prevent people from getting weapons an hour away). There's no movement on the federal government's part, through action by Congress, to pass things like the Youth PROMISE Act, which at least would establish ways to try to deal with the violence that plagues so many places.

But those are gangs doing most of the murdering, mostly black and Hispanic Americans killing mostly black and Hispanic Americans, not filthy Arabs killing noble white men.

Darrell Issa and Trey Gowdy and whoever else are going to lead the latest bullshit hearings on whatever bullshit committee bullshit leader John Boehner pulls out of his orange ass. If they won't even acknowledge the little Benghazis that are doing far more harm to the nation than a dozen burned-down consulates, they can go fuck themselves with...well, see above.