For Memorial Day, Here Are Some Shirtless, Oily Navy Cadets Rolling All Over Each Other

This is a yearly activity at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. They use lard to lube up the phallic Herndon Monument, and then the first year students (or "plebes") rip off their shirts (the women still have sports bras on) and writhe around, forming a human wall, in order to replace one hat with another. It's all symbolic and shit.

It's been a thing for decades at Annapolis. The Rude Pundit could make easy jokes about the putatively straight guys who rubbed their sweaty nipples and groins in each other's faces for all those years when gays were not "allowed" in the military. Or the fact that they're all, gay, straight, male, female, worshiping a giant stone cock.

But it's Memorial Day weekend. Put some tube meat in your gob and shut the fuck up. For the troops.