Eight Haiku for the Iraq War's 10th Anniversary:

We Were Right, They Were Wrong

Hindsight is perfect.
But when millions marched, their clear
Foresight was condemned.

Population Comparison

Imagine if (at
Least) two hundred thousand died
In California.

Youth Is Wasted
People 50 and
Older believe by far that
It was a mistake.

Legacy I
Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bush,
Et al, got away with it.
We failed history.

Legacy II
Lost limbs. Coffin flags.
Suicide. Torture rooms. Debt.
The costs never cease.

 Idiotic Query
"Should Saddam have stayed?"
Real question: "Why did we put
Him there long ago?"

Those who sold the war
Still are respected voices.
Our blinders are dark.

10th Anniversary (Traditional)
Let us buy presents
Of tin. An urn perhaps to
Hold all the ashes.