Two Steaming Heaps of Shitty Advice from Assholes:
1. Democratic "strategist" (if by "strategy," you mean, "Pathway to losing every fucking election for every presidential candidate you've ever provided a strategy for, and, yes, that includes Al Gore, who should have blown Goober out of the water and never have had to worry about the Florida fuck-ups") Bob Shrum told the still-moving head of Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation that President Obama shouldn't campaign on his record: "I don't think the president could win because the truth of the matter is, he may have created over 4.3 million jobs; he may have saved General Motors, but the country is still not back to where it needs to be. So this needs to be a choice election. People have to have that choice, and if they have the choice, I think the president's going to be fine." And instead, Obama should campaign on how much Bain Capital sucks.

This is the Shrum paradigm. Al Gore didn't say shit about many of the things he had accomplished with Bill Clinton because he had been advised, by Shrum, among others, that Clinton was polling poison post-impeachment, which was as big a misreading of the public's apathy over the Blow-Job That Caused 9/11 as could be. John Kerry didn't talk about most of his legislative accomplishments, like, you know, going after banking practices that could drive the economy into another depression, and that was on the advice of...fuck, you know.

So, really, the lesson here is: Do the opposite of what this sad sack loser tells you.

2. The Rude Pundit could barely get past the title of Marc Thiessen's latest Washington Post abortion room wastebasket of a column: "Vice President Scott Walker?" See, apparently, President Obama is scared of Scott Walker because...oh, who the fuck cares when there's impeccable logic like this going: "Walker is leading Barrett 52 to 45 percent — virtually the same margin by which Obama is leading Mitt Romney. That means there are a significant number of independents in Wisconsin who support both Scott Walker and Barack Obama." There could also be a significant number of Republicans in Wisconsin who aren't bugnuts crazy who like Obama. There could also be a significant number of people who are against the idea of a recall. But, no, really, make your stupid point.

"Walker is now a national political figure who has at his disposal a well-oiled political operation that could help Romney-Walker win not only in Wisconsin but across the United States," Thiessen's curettage of a column continues. Certainly, it electrify the union vote, like, everywhere in America, but, hey, if you can't take electoral advice from the man who thinks "torture" is just another word for "interrogation," who can you trust?