Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Smoke Meth and Down a Six Pack of Bell's:

This happened yesterday in the United States. In Michigan. Birmingham, Michigan, to be exact. See, Michigan has an "open carry" law on firearms. This 18-year-old high school kid in need of attention walked along the streets of the town sporting an M-1 rifle on his back. He created something of a ruckus, being a teenager with a sniper gun in the middle of the downtown, and the cops ended up charging him with disturbing the peace and other misdemeanors. Bonus points: he was arrested because the police asked for his i.d. to see if he was old enough to carry a gun. He refused to give it or proof that he owned the rifle. You got that, you idiots who love police power? If he wasn't committing any crimes, why should he not cooperate? Oh, wait. Because it's got to do with guns, not immigration or drugs. Oh, wait. It's because it's a white person being hassled, even though that white person is doing something that, legal or not, must have looked completely fucking nuts.

So, of course, of course, the pussies with pistols and maniacs with machine guns had to get out in the streets 'cause otherwise the ghost of James Madison would cry or some such shit. Although you gotta wonder if Duck Lips and Douche Face up front there would march to defend someone's First Amendment rights (well, probably if it had to do with religious freedom for Christians) or if they'd join a march in support of habeas corpus rights for Gitmo prisoners. And you can't help but wonder what the people of Birmingham, 91% white, would have done had it been a bunch of AK-toting African Americans openly carrying in the streets.

There you go: America 2012. We have large numbers of citizens who think it's cool to wander the downtowns of our cities sporting weapons of mass murder.