Random Observations Regarding Today's Supreme Court Decision Upholding the Affordable Care Act:
1. Can we all just shut the fuck up for a little while now and actually do the work of getting health care to people? Is that too much to ask? What's that, Speaker of the House John Boehner? Oh, sorry, forgot that your ass is so filled with Koch cock that it's pumping your brain stem. And Eric Cantor? You're just a little, bespectacled bitch boy.

2. The right-wing reaction has run from sad to hysterical. Sad comes from Red State's Erick "Erick" Erickson, who was strangely muted, saying, "It’s a big win for the President and a bad day for freedom. But we can deal with it. It is not the end of the world, the republic, or freedom." Hysterical? Where do you wanna go? Tucker Carlson's Internet Timewaster, which declared, "Congratulations, Americans: The government owns your bodies." Or that weather vane of batshittery, Sarah Palin, who tweeted, really, "Obama lied to the American people. Again. He said it wasn't a tax. Obama lies; freedom dies" (surely, someone else punctuated that for her).

3. The easiest "Shut-the-fuck-up" you can say is, yes, of course, John Roberts, it was always a tax. But right-wing nutbags have made it so that you can't even utter the word "tax" without Fox "news" going on the war path and Grover Norquist threatening to find some obeisant twat to primary you. So, fuck, sure, call it a "penalty" or a "fee" or whatever. The majority on the court merely said, simply, if it's money the government is charging you to pay for programs, it's a fucking tax. And, yes, it's the most rational basis for the decision. Essentially, the majority told supporters of the ACA to stop acting like scared children. Nut up and call a duck a "duck."

4. Hey, Anthony Kennedy, hope you have nightmares where you're sodomized by the barbed dick of a demon William Rehnquist in hell.

5. Gotta say: It's a little disappointing that Antonin Scalia didn't write a spittle-flecked dissent.

6. And while this doesn't get Roberts off the hook for a lot of vile shit, it does look as if the young Chief Justice decided that he wasn't going all in with deranged Scalia (and his vestigial tail, Thomas). By creating a way that the law could stand, one might hope that Roberts simply tilted towards progress, finally, at last. You can bet that some Republican will be calling for his impeachment soon.

7. Mostly, though, a big "suck it" to everyone who thought that our Constitution was such a narrowly-devised document that the federal government couldn't at least attempt to do big things anymore. No, the ACA ain't perfect by any stretch. It's still a giant giveaway to a disgusting industry, but, if nothing else, it makes things just a little more humane. It's a start. And while the GOP thinks this is the beginning of a battle to repeal it, they're wrong. It's the start of a battle to make it better.