On a Day When You've Got Nothing to Say, Sometimes You Just Say Nothing:
Yeah, it'd be fine to write about what backwards ass yahoos the Republicans are in Mississippi and Alabama, since a majority either believe Barack Obama is a Muslim or don't know and 2/3 don't believe in evolution, but why? Is it a surprise? Is there a spin to put on it other than "Goddamn, them's some backwards ass motherfuckers"? So, nope, not that.

Or perhaps it'd be fun to write about Mitt Romney's pathetic attempts to act Southern. At this point, would you be surprised if he said, "Well, I've hired darkies, too"? Or Rick Santorum's patheticer attempts to seem tough? Or Newt Gingrich's patheticest attempts to stay relevant to anyone other than Newt Gingrich?

And the Rude Pundit can't write about the flick Game Change because he didn't watch it and who the fuck cares? Woody Harrelson is bald? Julianne Moore does a great Sarah Palin? Jesus, he'd rather dangle his balls over a bear trap than have to relive the 2008 election from the losing side.

No, no, and fuck no. And you know what? Bill Maher and Rush Limbaugh can say whatever the fuck they want. And the people who protest them can say whatever the fuck they want, whether that's through nasty blogging or phone calls to sponsors. That's free speech, sloppy and joyful and hurtful, as it should be.

Tomorrow, there will be time, there will be time for more. But for now, enjoy a few minutes of the one-year anniversary episode of Cheater and the Rude, the Rude Pundit's online radio concern (with Jeff Kreisler, too). This one features a thoroughly filthy appearance by Stephanie Miller, whose radio show will be simulcast on Current TV.