Weekend Book Pimpin' (and This Week's Pork-Filled Episode of Cheater and the Rude):
In a month or so, we're all gonna have to watch as OR Books shoots the 2012 edition of The Rude Pundit's Almanack three times in the back of the head in an alley and declare it dead. That's because 500 copies need to be pre-sold before it can be published in Kindle, Nook, or...what's that other stuff...paper.

We're about halfway there, but that means, if you have awesome math powers, we still have halfway to go. You can order the damn thing, and, swear to God, if it doesn't publish, if its ass gets capped, you get your money back.

(Note: the 2011 edition is still available and still pretty damn relevant, with info about Rick Santorum you might not know and history that'll drive your conservative relatives crazy. You can also get it from Amazon.)

You want to hear the Rude Pundit give a dramatic reading of some of the Parable of the Kosher Deli? You know you do, and you can in this week's very vaginal episode of Cheater and the Rude: