Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Drop Acid and Wander Midtown:

Oh, ho, oh, ha, how giddy the right-wing spoogebuckets all over are giddy, just giddy, that the Media Research Center (motto: "Conservatives conveniently forget we've existed for 25 years when they're bitching about Media Matters") has put up this billboard in Times Square, which is in New York City, which is where liberal media people work and snort coke off Girl Scouts before they skip off to have gay abortions and worship Satan/Obama. Said MRC President Brent Bozell (as in "Jesus Christ, is Brent Bozell still stirring shit up?"), "There is no better location for this billboard than the liberal media's own backyard," and then he giggled like a schoolgirl before skipping away for a tea party with his dollies.

Because nothing will distract the tourists from the shiny video screens and twinkling lights and people dressed as Elmo and Puss in Boots and Mickey Mouse, desperate to be given a buck or two for a photo opp (hint: the raggedy Elmo will blow you for a ten-spot) like a block-lettered sign about politics next to the Disney Store.

It cost $180,000. That's a shit-ton of deluded freak donation cash well-spent, MRC.