Buy the Book, Listen to the Podcast, Make It a Rude Weekend:
Hey, look: Emmy-winning Daily Show writer Jo Miller says the 2011 edition of The Rude Pundit's Almanack was "a joy—deeply intelligent, pants-wettingly funny and impossible to put down." There's a good chance that the 2012 edition would make her laugh until she vomits.

But there will only be a 2012 edition, with updates and new material, if rude readers pre-order 500 copies. Ten bucks for the e-book, 17 for the print. From New Yorker-approved publisher OR Books. (Note: No, the Rude Pundit has no idea what a pre-order is. He does know that if you do order, and we don't reach the magic number, you'll get all yer cash or credit card space back.)

So pony up, good people and bad motherfuckers. Order now. You know you wanna read dirty limericks about Herman Cain (teaser: "smirk" rhymes with both "jerk" and "lurk").

Oh, and here's this week's episode of Cheater and the Rude, where Jeff Kreisler keeps making Santorum jokes, much to the Rude Pundit's chagrin, anger, and disgust at the lack of originality.