Why Wall Street and Everywhere Else Need to Be Occupied:

That family there is waiting in line at the Central Park United Methodist Church weekly food pantry two days ago, when Getty photographer Spencer Platt took a series of photos of the poorest city in America: Reading, Pennsylvania. By the way, in case that didn't hit you, it's a weekly food pantry. There's a whole tour of sites you can go to throughout the week in Berks County if you want to eat a couple of square meals a day.

Those people up there are part of the 5000 or so who started showing up yesterday for a four-day free health clinic in Los Angeles. They waited in enormous lines in order to get wristbands so they could see a doctor.

When snarky commentators want to know exactly what the protesters in Zuccotti Park and around the country are trying to achieve, how about this: a nation where those two photos can't be taken within 24 hours of each other, if ever.