The Rude Pundit Has the Bestest Fans a Vaguely Alcoholic Writer Could Ask For:
So 4:30 in the morning seems as good a time as any for doing the right thing and thanking the nearly 100 people who saw fit to donate their hard-earned (or maybe not-so-hard) cash to the Rude Pundit's 8th Anniversary Stick-Up last week. (He'll still take your money, by the way.)

Your truly heartening generosity in these times of hardship has enabled the purchase of that MacBook Pro that winked at him at the Apple store, thus freeing up other money to be used for the purchase of tongue-sweet, throat-burning liquor.

And you've inspired the Rude Pundit to offer even more on-the-scene coverage (which will be easier to edit on the aforementioned shiny piece of hardware) of the Occupy Wall Street actions and more.

But mostly you're not here to get a warm and fuzzy reacharound. You're here for the astute political commentary, like on this Monday's Stephanie Miller, where the Rude Pundit describes Chris Christie peeling Nancy Reagan off his blubbery manboobs.

Enjoy, and if wouldn't suck if you signed up for the free Rude Pundit podcast: