Vacation Time Means Guest Blogger Time:
Every year the Rude Pundit takes a week away from the exigencies and exhaustion of daily bloggery. But he would never just leave you all alone, so this year he's got a line-up of way-cool guests all writing about working and not working, employment and unemployment, and whatever else creeps into their minds.

The co-host of Cheater and the Rude, Jeff Kreisler, comedian and author of Get Rich Cheating, will toss in about trying to survive as an artist with a law degree.

Mentioned by Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, G.I. Jew himself, Benari Poulten, a stand-up comic when not in uniform, will write from his post in Afghanistan.

More coming, including another active duty soldier, a non-profit employee, and an EMT.

It's work week here at the Rude Pundit's joint.

And he's heading off to vacation. Back next Wednesday. Just make sure you feed the fish. The pot is in the carved-out volume of Kafka on the second shelf down. The vodka's in the freezer. Don't touch the good whiskey. Have a good time.